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About Us

Free and simple design software for Architects and Interior Designers
Faster, easier, more beautiful

What we do

Modern Sample is a web based design software for Architects and Interior Designers. Our database houses over 16,800 materials targeted for their practical use in architect applications. Simply put: design your building's materials and share. It's so easy. Finding inspiration on Modern Sample is easier than thumbing through an architecture magazine (so last century).

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Creator, Jacob Shirley is an urban designer and draftsman. For 17 years, he has worked with architects, builders, and interior designers to create places and spaces. In his offices, he has seen overwhelming shelves of material binders, catalogs, and physical samples from vendors of all kinds. Whether it be tile, carpet, siding, roofing, or any material related to the construction of a building, Jacob noticed that there's a lack of space for one of each type of sample, and it takes precious time to reference exactly the right material when needed.

That's why Jacob created Modern Sample, whose platform serves to provide a library to house a catalog of each material, with the convenient ability to place desired materials on drawing boards for new projects. The library is specifically curated to aid the architecture design process. The ease by which material boards can be added to, edited, noted, and printed at an instant is an opportunity to translate design ideas to visualization. It also makes storage a piece of cake -- now you can make the most of your office space!

Modern Sample is a part of the Shirley Creative

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