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Product of the week

Written on 06-13-2016

Remember as a child when you learned that you could focus sunlight with a magnifying glass, causing an ultra-death ray laser beam capable of destroying any ant or small insect that got in the way? If you don't remember that, what were you doing with your childhood?! Don't worry; I've since learned that it's cruel to the insect.

I also learned about how angry dad gets when I burn lines into his wooden deck.

Montana Timber Products
Montana Timber Products
Two beautiful Montana Timber Products

Montana Timber Products has taken the burned wood to another level with their Charwood timber product line. What they do is simple. Take a beautiful piece of wood, and then spray it down with a fire ball until the surface is charred with carbon. Then they coat the wood with a natural water-based sealant. Apparently it took some time with research and development to get the technique down to burn the wood evenly. But now they can provide a really cool product with a unique style and look, making Charwood the product of the week.

Charwood Gator
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Montana Timber Product has some other rustic wood products worth mentioning. The trademarked Aquafir is a premium pre-finished wood substitute that comes in a wide selection of cuts such as square edge, channel rustic, ship lap, tongue and groove and square edge lap. The color selection is available in our library.

Texture options

Circle Sawn
Wired Brush
Band Sawn
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