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Glossary of terms: Entry Doors

Written on 12-05-2016

The following is a glossary of entry door terms. Each definition is sourced from reputable 3rd party sources. If you have any suggestions please define them in the comment section below.

3/4 Lite
noun, A 3/4 Lite is a glass insert that spans 3/4 height of the door. [5]
Active panel / Operable
noun, With a double door, this is the door panel that routinely opens. [4] This can be a door (active door leaf), sidelight or hardware. Also refer ‘Inactive'. [5]
Active Hardware
noun, A functioning hardware set with locking mechanism. Also see inactive hardware. [5]
adjective, An intense form of distressing to make a door look aged, old and worn. Extreme distressing includes hammering. [5]
noun, A vertical bar which acts as a seal between two doors. [5]
Backset / Back-set
adjective, The distance from the edge of the door to center of the bore hole is called a ‘backset'. The bore hole is where the knob/ lever is installed. [5]
Blank Mortise / Dummy Cylinder
noun, A non-hollow, flat top cylinder to block key access to a mortise lockset. [5]
Brick mould, Brick-mold, Brickmold
noun, A casing used to fit a door into a home or building with a brick exterior. [5]
Book Match
adjective, Every other leaf of a wood veneer is turned over, like the pages of a book. Visually, it offers a symmetrical pattern and it also yields maximum continuity of grain. [8]
Bottom Plate / Sill / Sole / Threshold
noun, A cross piece at the bottom of an entry way - literally meaning to tread or trample upon. Also known as Bottom Plate, Door Sill or Door Sole. [5]
noun, Strips for joining segmented glass [3]
Case / Casing / Molding / Trim
noun, The horizontal and vertical molding used on door frame (top and sides) to conceal a gap & blend or contrast with surrounding walls. Also known as ‘Casing' or ‘Molding'. [5]
noun, verb, Respect the ‘l' when pronouncing. It is the process of sealing joints between door frame and wall. [5]
noun, Aluminum that covers the exterior of the door frame to protect it from the elements. [4]
Classic Doors
adjective, A traditional style with clean and simple lines having rectangular, square-box or arched patterns. [5]
noun, Over-sized nail heads used on rustic style doors for decorative purposes. Clavos generally come in square, round and pyramid shapes. [5]
adjective, A design is associated with the colonial period of the United States. A square style house with the entry door, often elaborate, in the front middle of the house. Two windows, or sidelights, are placed on either side of the door. [5] Decorative pediments, fanlights and columned porches are to be expected.
adjective, Made of different materials (compared to wood). Doors, Frames, Jambs & Trim are now made of composites. [5]
Contemporary Doors / Clean Doors / Minimalist Doors / Modern Doors
adjective, A smooth, flush surface and simple unpretentious design. Contemporary Entry Doors don't have panels and are typically painted in an eye-catching color or hue. [5]
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adjective, A small, modest cozy old-fashioned house (usually maintained as a holiday home) - typically in a rural area. [5]
adjective, Usually one piece and characterized by square edges, sharp lines and a fine vertical grain, doors often feature an elegant ornamental shelf called a "dentil" that's missing from most other door styles. [5]
noun, A locking mechanism that can be operated by a key from outside and a thumb turn from inside. Some deadbolts need a key to operate on both sides. A Deadbolt is usually a secondary locking device in addition to the latch bolt. [5]
Decorative Door
adjective, What makes an entry door "decorative" is the addition of ornamental metal grilles, beautiful glass panels-or both-which combine to give your door an alluring, sophisticated look and an extra measure of security. [5]
Decorative Glass
noun, Refers to glass with unique colors, patterns and designs - made from stained, beveled and textured glass, bonded with caming. [5]
Dentil Shelf
noun, A horizontal profile that incorporates square ‘teeth'. Usually applied to the upper intermediate rail of a Craftsman style door. Also known as ‘Dentil Mould'. [5]
Mahogany Top View Craftsman 1 Light Camber Top
Architectural Fiberglass
Jeld Wen
Distressed / Weathered Look
adjective, A refinishing technique to make a door look aged, weathered and worn. Heavy Distressing includes hand hewing, chiseling & wormholes. [5]
Divided Lite
noun, Panes of glass that are or appear to be divided [3]
Doggie Door / Pet Door / Pet Flap
noun, A small opening on the door to allow pets to enter and exit the house without human assistance. [5]
Door Chain
noun, A chain attached on one end to the wall adjacent to the door, with the other side attached to a removable link on the door. When the door is closed it only allows the doors to be opened slightly to view outside while still remaining locked.
Double Bore
noun, The second hole above the latch handle to house the deadbolt. [5]
Double-Glazed / Dual Glazed / Insulated Glazing / Low-E Glass
noun, Two glass panes with a space between them filled with a gas, to reduce heat transfer. Also see ‘Low-E Glass' and ‘Triple Glazed' glass. [5]
Dutch door
noun, A door that is split horizontally, so that the top and bottom halves can swing open and shut independently. Dutch doors first appeared in the U.S. in 17th century and continue to be popular with homeowners today. [5]
Custom Wood Dutch Exterior Door
Jeld Wen
Custom Wood Dutch Exterior Door
Jeld Wen
Dutch Door Bolt
noun, A slide bolt to hold both leaves of the Dutch door firmly in place. [5]
Entry Set / Handle / Handle set / Lock Set
noun, Components include door handles, knobs or levers (both in and outside), latch bolt, deadbolt, strike plate, thumb turn & push button. May also comprise of Electronic, Smart locks and other trim. [5]
noun, The protective layer applied to the surface of the door is called a ‘Finish'. Can either be a stain or paint. [5]
Flush Bolt
noun, A recessed bolts prepped into the edge at the top and bottom of inactive leaf in a double door, to hold it close. [5]
Flush Door
adjective, Door's surface is flat from top to bottom. [5]
Smooth Pro Fiberglass
Jeld Wen
Contemporary Exterior Door
Simpson Door Company
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noun, Top and side borders of an entryway that supports the door (Jamb) together with the Threshold. [5]
French Door
noun, A hinged Patio Door with transparent panels. [5]
Full Lite
noun, A glass insert that spans the entire height of a door [5]
noun, The infill material, such as glass, plastic or other transparent or translucent material, used in a door panel. Energy-saving, argon-filled, low-emmisivity (Low-E) insulating glass reduces fading caused by the sun. Low-E glazing helps keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by reflecting selected ultraviolet (UV) rays. [4]
adjective, The direction, texture and pattern of fiber in different wood species. [5]
noun, A network of long, thin, flat pieces of wood or other material that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles. [5]
8ft 3:4 View 15 Light 1-panel
Smooth Pro Fiberglass
Jeld Wen
noun, Plastic, wooden or metal assembly in a door that gives the appearance of divided lites [3]
Hand / Handing / Swing
adjective, Describes the swing of the door and where the hinges are placed, left or right. [5] The easiest way to remember the swing, use the phrase 'Butt to butt'. Place your butt on the butt of the door, aka the hinge side. If the door is on your right, it's a right swing door.
verb, Refers to installing the door and jamb. [5]
noun, The collective term used for Door Knobs, Levers, Locksets and hinges. [5]
Hardware finishes
noun, Includes satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, bright brass, brushed brass and antique brass. [4]
noun, Bearings that holds the door to the jamb and allows a limited angle of rotation. [4][5]
Inactive panel
noun, With a double door, this is the door panel that usually remains closed, but can be opened by disengaging special hardware on the door. [4]
adjective, A door that opens in [3]
Knotty Alder
noun, An evenly colored, wood species with uniform texture and pronounced grain. The wood is lightweight and moderately durable. [5]
noun, Refers to the side posts and top horizontal frame member of the door. The Jamb along with the Threshold, make up the door frame. [5]
Latch bolt
noun, A spring-loaded bolt with an angled edge - typically part of a lock set. [5]
Lead Glass / Leaded Glass
noun, Infused glass used as decorative inserts in doors. [5]
noun, An individual door in a pair or multiple arrangement of doors. [5]
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Left Hand
adjective, For an in swing door, hinges are on the left. For an out swing door, hinges are on the right (when the door is viewed from the house's exterior). [3]
noun, A device and method used to measure the horizontal plane when installing a door. [5]
Lite / Light
noun, A pane of glass in a door. [3] 1:4 lite, 1:2 lite, 3:4 lite, top lite and full lite refer to the amount of the door that contains glass.

Full View

8ft Full View 18 Light
Smooth Pro Fiberglass
Jeld Wen
Nantucket Collection
Simpson Door Company

3:4 View

1:2 View

1:4 View or Top Lite

LVL / Laminated Veneer Lumber
noun, A composite wood product fabricated using multiple layers of thin wood. [5]
noun, A straight grained, reddish-brown wood species. [5]
Mediterranean / Old World / Tuscan / Rustic / Spanish Hacienda Doors
adjective, Heavy set doors which are carved and fretted to look like branches of trees. May have clavos and speakeasy. [5]
noun, A square hole or trough cut into a rail or stile meant to receive a tenon (locking tongue) for a mortise-and-tenon joint. [5]
Mull post
noun, A sidepiece between the side-lite and door. [5]
noun, The vertical element that forms a division between door panels. [5]
Multi-Point Hardware
noun, Factory installed lock set that usually has 3 to 5 points of locking when engaged. [5]
noun, A thin strip of metal or wood that separates and holds pieces of glass in a grid system of small panes called ‘lights' or ‘lites'. [5]
adjective, A door that opens out [3]
noun, Typically thin rectangular piece of wood or glass inserted into a door between the stiles and rails. [5]
Paneled door
adjective, The door slab has patterns that can take the shape of squares, rectangles or arches. [5]
Embarq 6 Panel
Vallis Red
Embarq Decorative
adjective, The green, brown or black film formed on the surface of metals due to oxidization. [5]
Patio Door / Sliding Door
noun, A door usually of glass that slides opens onto the patio, deck or garden. [5]
Plank Door
noun, Typically created with only stiles and rails and have no panels. [5]
Mahogany 1 Panel Plank
Architectural Fiberglass
Jeld Wen
Vallis Red
Embarq 2 Panel
verb, A method of measuring a door's vertical alignment. [5]
Prehung Door / Pre-Hung Door
noun, Includes the slab, frame and all the parts required to install the door. [1]
Privacy Glass
noun, Diffused or opaque glass that lets in light (and colors) but blurs out forms. [5]
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adjective, The outside edge (frame profile), stiles and rails profile (sticking) and panels profile - together form the Door Profile. [5]
Rabbet / Rebate / Rabbet Joint
noun, A step-shaped recess cut along the edge or in the face of a piece of wood, typically forming a match to the edge or tongue of another piece. [5]
noun, These are the horizontal parts that brace a wood door. Solid-wood rails may eventually bow or warp. Look for rails made of laminated wood covered with veneer, which provides the greatest resistance to warping. [2]
Right Hand
adjective, For an in swing door, hinges are on the right. For an out swing door, hinges are on the left (when the door is viewed from the house's exterior). [3]
Safety Glass
noun, Glass with additional safety features that make it less likely to break, or less likely to pose a threat when broken. [7]
Screen Door / Storm Door
noun, A door with a screen mesh covering an exterior door. Also known as ‘Storm Door' in cold climates. [5]
SDL / Simulated Divided Light
noun, A method of creating multiple grid patterns on full sized glass panes to simulate the appearance of true divided lites. [5]
Shaker Style
adjective, A flat panel design with little to no detail - traditionally used in craftsman doors. [5]
noun, A flat piece of protruding wood used typically seen on Dutch Doors or Craftsman Doors. [5]
Exterior Door
Jeld Wen
noun, verb, A thin strip of material used as a wedge or to fill up space. [5]
noun, A panel containing glass that flanks or adjoins a door. Available on one or both sides of a door. [4]
Single Bore
noun, A circular hole bored in a door to place a single latch that is contained within the handle-set and houses the lock. [5]
noun, The door, without the frame or hardware. [1]
Slip Match
adjective, A type of wood veneer matching between two slabs that is often used with quarter sliced and rift cut veneers. It is similar to book except that every piece is simply "slipped" off the stack and joined together with its neighbor, always with the same side up. [8]
Smart Lock
noun, A type of electronic lock that can be operated using a smart phone, tablet or Bluetooth key ring. [5]
Sound rating
adjective, Interior doors are classified with a sound rating often referred to as "STC". The STC refers to "sound transmission class". In simplistic terms sound is measured on one side of the door and then on the other side. The drop in sound pressure (measured in decibels) provides the door's STC rating. For example, an STC rating of 29 means that there's a loss of 29 decibels through the door. [6]
noun, A door viewer that can be looked through to identify visitors, before opening the door. Speakeasies are typically installed in Rustic Style doors. [5]
noun, verb, A dye or pigment used for coloring wood. [5]
Standard Locks / Tubular Locks
noun, The most common type of lockets that's easy to install and fits standard sized bore holes. Most popular are single cylinder & double cylinder locks. [5]
noun, A molding profile (bead or border) on the interior edges of the stiles and rails. Sticking creates a decorative frame around each panel. [5]
Example of sticking from
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noun, The vertical parts that brace a wood door. Solid-wood stiles may eventually bow or warp. Look for stiles made of laminated wood covered with veneer, which provides the greatest resistance to warping. [2]
Tempered glass
noun, Glass that has been heat-treated to withstand higher than normal forces on its surface. When it breaks, it shatters into small pieces for greater safety. Typically used in doors and other applications as required by building codes. [4]
adjective, Feel and and appearance of the skin (surface) on a fiberglass door. [5]
noun, A panel of glass in a frame installed above a door. [4]
Triple Glazed / Triple-layer Glass
noun, A panel with 3 layers of glass. A gas is filled between the layers and outer panels coated with low-e. Most leaded glass doors come triple glazed as standard. Also see ‘Double layer' and ‘Low-e Glass'. [5]
adjective, A complete product and/ or service that's ready to use. [5]
Weatherstrip / Weather-stripping
noun, The process or material used in sealing doors to prevent air movement through the door opening.
Wrought Iron
noun, A tough malleable, iron alloy used for ornamental purposes. Wrought Iron is typically used in Decorative Grille Doors. [5]
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