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Glossary of Terms: Modern Sample

Written on 06-13-2018

What you'll find on Modern Sample

Concept Board
See Sample Board
Concept Image
An image uploaded to a Sample Board. You may upload unlimited Concept Images and add or modify a caption.
The Modern Sample Library is a database of thousands of architectural materials and interior design products specifically curated to aid in the creation of building design.
Material Board
See Sample Board
Material Swatch
A swatch is a short summary of an individual material or product as shown on Modern Sample.
Beauty Meadowland
Everlasting Beauty
Metallaire Filler Panel
Example of two Material Swatches
A Modern Sample user with the privilege of uploading and contributing Material Swatches to the Library. Merchants can track and analyze their uploaded content. More info here.
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Mood Board
A Mood Board is what happens BEFORE the Sample Board. A mood board is an arrangement of materials, images and text intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept most often used in the schematic design phase of a design process.
Reference Only
We originally intended our site to be a reference tool for design professionals. Because of this, we have a lot of Material Swatches that are provided to help YOU, the designer, to make beautiful designs. These reference products are not yet for sale.
Sample Board
A Sample Board (or material board, or mood board) is a tool that designers use to help them get an idea of how a set of materials and colors work together. Modern Sample's Sample Board creator will help you gather and share your vision for a beautiful design. The Modern Sample design software allows users to create inspirational design for both architectural and interior design projects.


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