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How to market your product

Written on 06-13-2018

Manufacturer's: Imagine this

Pretend you're a Product Representative, pitching your product to an Architect or Interior Designer, but the Designer is too busy or uninterested to hear your message. As I've worked with Architects for 15 years I've watched this story play out over and over again. You offer to leave a physical sample and again the Designer declines.

Now your only hope as a Product Rep is that you've left a good enough impression that the Designer remembers you. What if you haven't?

What if a single sample library existed that attracted Designers through useful tools? With a library like this all the Designers would be found on a single platform. Your job as a Product Rep will be much easier because you can reach out to thousands of Designers at once.

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Modern Sample is a universal catalog of products and design tools, solving the current disconnect between Product Rep and Designer. This is how to market a product online the easy way.

We currently have over 16,000 materials listed, and receive thousands of views. Contact us if you have a product you would like included.

How we are improving the manufacturer's experience

We want to improve the Manufacturer's experience through software. We built a beta website over a year ago and got a better understanding of our Designers. The beta site has only created an appetite for bigger and better software tailored to the needs of the product Manufacturer.  Our site now offers a list of wonderful features:

  • Users will now be able to purchase a limited selection of products on our site!
  • Modern Sample provides simple tools for Manufacturers to boost the visibility of their products. Our upload feature makes it easy for manufacturers to advertise products and brag about new collections. The designers WANT more materials in the library. They told us!
  • We provide analysis tools so Manufacturers can see how many times and where their products are viewed, and what other products they are being paired with. The new site will show you real time data of how well your message is being shared on our site.
Contact us to get your product included in our library!


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