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The easy way to make a Sample Board

Written on 05-23-2017

Starting a new Sample Board is easy

  • Find a Material Swatch in the Library
  • Click , 'Add to Sample Board'
  • Name a new Sample Board, or select an existing one
  • Now you can add more Material Swatches, Custom Images and Export your board

Starting a personalized Material Library is easy

  • Find a Material Swatch
  • Click , 'Like'
  • In the Library, select 'Liked' on the sidebar

Find a Material Swatch

You're designing a building and you need to pick what materials and products you're going to use. Start browsing the Modern Sample material library and build a board within minutes! Use the navigation bar on the left to sort through familiar categories, or type your search into the search bar.

All the products and materials we choose for the Library are curated to help Architects and Designers find what they need, easily and fast. The better access designers have to Material Swatches, the more beautiful their designs are.

What to do with Material Swatches

Modern Sample has thousands of materials for you to build a Sample Board, also called a material board or mood board. When you find a Material Swatch you like, click the on the top left of the thumbnail for a variety of options.

  • 'Add to Sample Board' - Add the Material Swatch to a Sample Board. In the library you can also drag the Material Swatch to the lower left corner of the screen to drop it into a Sample Board.
  • 'Like' - Add the Material Swatch to your list of favorites.
  • / - Reorder the Material Swatch or Custom Image in your Sample Board. You can also drag and drop the item to reorder.

Customize the Sample Board

Once you make a Sample Board you have the ability to customize the information. Lets say for example a Material Swatch is labeled 'Stain' but you want it to say 'Facia and Trim' with a short description of what locations on the buildings to stain. You can edit all the text shown on a Sample Board by activating the 'Edit Product Text' button.

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Customize Options

  • | 'Save'
  • | 'Add Images' - Located in the top tool bar. Add a Concept Image to the Sample Board
  • | 'Edit Product Text' - Located in the top tool bar. The text fields on each Material Swatch will now be editable
  • | 'Public' - Located in the top tool bar. Allow other people to see your Sample Board

Print or Share

Showing off your Sample Board to a client, consultant or a friend is as easy as hitting 'Print'. This is literally the easiest and fastest way to bring together design concepts and share them with a client. You no longer need to manually search for each product online *yawn*, download the information, arrange them on a PDF, InDesign, Word or similar file to share. Just browse the Library, add the Material Swatches to a Sample Board and export!

Other cool things Modern Sample can do

Browse existing Sample Boards for inspiration. If you're not sure where to start or are having a hard time imagining a project's possibilities, check out what other people have done.

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Maybe you're short on time and a client wants to see a Sample Board. Just grab an existing one. Find new interesting materials, or simply stay up to date with what's hot right now.

Housing a growing collection of materials, from the new to the tried-and-true, our library gives you creative freedom. Foster an idea you've had in mind to make a dream come true.

Play with combinations of colors and textures. Once you can see the Material Samples together on a Sample Board, it's easy to get an idea what the end result will be. While your decisions about design and function are still dynamic, you can easily compare, add, or remove materials until you see a combination that fits.

Have a product that isn't in our database? It's so easy to upload your own Material Swatches to include in your library. Find out how easy it is to make an online catalog of your products, and how to brag about them!


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