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Make an online catalog of your products

Written on 03-20-2015

Modern Sample is designed to bridge the gap between product manufactures and design professionals. With an electronic material library database you can deliver your catalog directly to designers who are actively seeking product information. This feature is especially nice for vendors who want to keep available materials up-to-date, showcase their latest materials, manage their specifications, and facilitate the needs of design professionals.

The important content within each material page provides valuable knowledge for design professionals that are searching for products to specify in their next project. You can rely on our 'Upload Form' to collect frequently understood terms and information designers are looking for, and deliver your message whenever your potential customers search or browse through the library.

How to add Material Swatches

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Once you reach the 'Upload Products' page, you'll see it's broken into two sections.

Collections Section

The top portion of the form is for the Collection. Imagine you have a red, green and blue carpet. Those can all be placed in a single Collection called 'Carpet'.

Use / to rotate through your collections.

Products Section

An individual product goes in the Product section. Using the above example, you'll need 3 products (red, green and blue carpet) in a single (carpet) Collection.

Use / to rotate through the products listed in a single Collection.

A product may be based upon an image, or a swatch. A Swatch is just a HEX color code without the need to upload an image. A swatch is the best option for uploading a paint color.

If you need help building a catalog, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Your Catalog

Each of your materials are stored in the Modern Sample digital catalog, and available throughout the site as approved by you.

Your catalog displays as a comprehensive collection of your current product line, easy to navigate and sort however need be, and readily available at Modern Sample where professionals come to one-stop-shop.

Material Swatch Examples

Farmhouse Ledge
Scheid Architectural
Paper Stone
Ice Stone
Gathered Style
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