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Advertise your building products with Modern Sample

Your customers use Modern Sample
We cater to Architects & Interior Designers who use our library to find and use products they love. If you make a product related to building design, get your product listed.
DIY advertising
You can advertise your products TODAY for as little as $1! Some products get thousands of displays per month, equalling a teenie tiny fraction of a penny per eyeball. Our digital library is an integral part of your strategic sales and marketing.
Marketing strategies to increase sales
Because you upload your own products, you have total control and our library can easily be integrated into your digital marketing strategy. You make the rules! Share the products you love and tell the world why you are proud of them. We'll also promote them because when your product succeeds, we succeed.
Architects & Interior Designs ask for more
When asking designers what they want in our site, the most common response is 'Provide more products!' Our users are literally asking you to sign up.
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Getting started only takes a moment. Once you're registered as a Merchant you can post unlimited product to our library.

Benefits to manufacturers who advertise with Modern Sample

upload your product to our digital library and get fast and easy exposure

Upload unlimited products

Either add the product to our library yourself, or contact us and we'll help. We can tune your posts to be the most attractive to search engines, and Beautiful Designers.

products listed in our digital library receive thousands of views from architects and interior designers

Gain a broader reach

Engage your customer. Boost your product to the largest group of influencers: the designers themselves! We strive to be the best resource for designers, attracting thousands of views. Gain an advantage with your digital marketing and sales by being more visible than your competitors.

after you post products, use our analytics to see how many times they are viewed

Track who, what & where

See how many designers are watching, liking and specifying your products. Get an idea of what your most popular product is, and what other products are being paired with it. Link your swatch directly to a consumer sales promotion and watch your sales grow.

The numbers speak for themselves

46,000+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Linen Lead The Way By Shaw Floors
Displayed 11,000+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Navy Garden Lattice By Safavieh
Displayed 11,800+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Reclaimed Red Faux Classic Brick By Hour Wall
Displayed 10,000+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Shades Of Grey Faux Brick Panels By Quality Stone
Displayed 8,700+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Slate Gray Ashbury Wingback Club Chair And Ottoman By Simpli Home
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Include Modern Sample into your marketing and sales strategy

Budget for Success

We all wish our marketing budget was unlimited, but for most companies that is only a dream. That is why we offer greater visibility to a targeted audience at an easily obtainable price. The pricing structure it so easy. Just add a swatch of your product to our library and pay as little as $1 for all the benefits we offer.

Confirm Your Differentiators

Here is your chance to further embed your branding and get a leg up on the competition. When our users search our library for related products, you want to be the top search result. We provide you the ability to post swatches and the ability to promote them. On Modern Sample, if our users don't find your product swatch, they find your competitors.

Embed your marketing message

Adding your product swatch to our library gives you one more chance to tell your customer (and search engines) your message. You can really drive home your keyword campaign. Remember, one key to marketing is repetition. Repetition increases memory. Repetition keeps a brand or product in front of the client's mind.

Multiple levels of the marketing sales funnel

We help on multiple levels of the digital marketing sales funnel. First, we help to bring awareness of your product to the market. Second, we help those indecisive clients evaluate your product for purchase. Use our Buy Now button to continue your client down the sales funnel by directing them to your e-commerce location of choice.

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