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How do you plan on increasing sales for your building or design products?

We have a new way to advertise your products

For any Architecture & Interior Design related products

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Advertise your building products with Modern Sample

Attract new customers by providing knowledge

Your customers are often on the search for information, such as information about building products, design inspiration and ways to solve their design problems. You might think they want a better product, but research shows what they actually want are better solutions to their problems. When asked, the architect will often say a source of knowledge is key to deciding on which product to specify.

This gives you a great opportunity to be proactive about informing the customer. When you become the customer’s hero, you can build your own brand awareness. Informing the customer is one of the best ways to advertise a product.

One of the customer’s problems is finding the right color, material, style, or look for their building projects. Modern Sample is the missing link between those designers that are seeking, and those building products meant to be found.

The market moves fast and you need to get a leg forward with advanced marketing. Your brand needs to include 3rd party design libraries into your marketing strategies to increase sales. The design library helps designers and builders spec building materials.

Use content marketing to provide your clients with the information they seek.

Add your product swatch to the design library

We help designers find the product. If your product swatch is not included in the Modern Sample library, potential customers are more likely to find your competing brands. Because you upload your own products, you have total control of your own content and branding message. You make the rules! Share the swatches you love and tell the world why you are proud of them.

Embed your marketing message

Adding your product swatch to our library gives you one more chance to tell your customer (and search engines) your message and provide solutions to their problems. You can really drive home your keyword campaign. This gives you more and more chances to provide information about your product and how it solves the client’s problems.

Become a larger authority figure

Remember, one key to marketing is repetition. Repetition increases memory. Repetition keeps a brand or product in front of the client's mind. If our users repetitively see your product swatch in the library they are more likely to specify your product, thus increasing sales.

Budget for Success

We all wish our marketing budget was unlimited, but for most businesses, that's only a dream. That is why we offer greater visibility to a targeted audience at an easily obtainable price. The pricing structure it so easy. Just add a swatch of your product to our library and pay as little as $1 for all the benefits we offer.

Multiple levels of marketing sales funnel

We help on multiple levels of digital marketing sales funnel. First, we help to bring awareness of your product to the market. Second, we help those indecisive clients evaluate your product for purchase. Use our ‘Buy Now’ button to further your client down the sales funnel and directing them to your e-commerce location of choice.

The numbers speak for themselves

46,000+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Linen Lead The Way By Shaw Floors
Displayed 11,000+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Navy Garden Lattice By Safavieh
Displayed 11,800+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Reclaimed Red Faux Classic Brick By Hour Wall
Displayed 10,000+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Shades Of Grey Faux Brick Panels By Quality Stone
Displayed 8,700+ displays (60 days)
You can use Modern Sample's library to attract new customers
Slate Gray Ashbury Wingback Club Chair And Ottoman By Simpli Home

Additional benefits to the design library

upload your product to our digital library and get fast and easy exposure

Lasting results

Posting in our library provides a long term advertisement. Even the best display ads disappear the moment you stop paying for them.

products listed in our digital library receive thousands of views from architects and interior designers

Potential Revenue

Your online presence is a sales and revenue creator. Modern Sample isn’t an expense, it’s a revenue creator.

after you post products, use our analytics to see how many times they are viewed

Succeed together

We care about your success. When your brand succeeds on Modern Sample, we also succeed. Let us do this together.

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