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Seashore Dreams Interior Exterior Paint by Behr

Beautiful Designer Rating
  • HEX: B5DBF0
  • RGB: R:181 G:219 B:240
  • Identification Number: P500-2
  • Reference Only
  • Product added on:

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Logo for Behr
Behr Process Corporation 3400 W. Segerstrom Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92704 Phone: 714.545.7101 Fax: 714.241.1002 BEHR is a dynamic company that actively embraces quality and innovation to bring our industry and our customers the very best products and services. Our bold entrepreneurial spirit and our commitment to integrity and to doing the right thing has been the cornerstone of our success since 1947. BEHR enjoys great brand presence and a reputation for unparalleled quality, innovation, value and performance. People know and love the BEHR brand. Our ability to continually set industry highs for quality, performance and value depends upon our steadfast maintenance of our product, recognition of changing technologies, reward and acknowledgement of our people, proactive responses to the needs of our customers and continued commitment to innovation, research and development of new products. Our diverse and exceptionally experienced team searches out, develops and evaluates new materials, technologies and services that continue to improve our products and streamline our processes, both in-store and online.
Phone: (714) 545-7101
Address: Behr Process Corporation
3400 W. Segerstrom

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