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Rockafeller Quillen 2 by Karastan

Rockafeller Quillen 2 by Karastan

Beautiful Designer Rating
  • HEX: A59385
  • RGB: R:165 G:147 B:133
  • Identification Number: 989
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About this product

Minimum Sq. Yd.: No minimum Construction: Woven Surface Texture: Textured Patterned Cut and Loop Pitch: 216 (315 ends per meter) Density: 6545 Weight Density: 222,530 RPI9.3 (36.61 per 10 cm) Finished Pile Thickness: .187" (4.75 mm) Dye Method: Yarn Dyed Backing Material: Woven Fiber Type: UltronĀ® Nylon Face Weight: 34.0 oz. per sq. yd. (1153 g/m2) Pattern Repeat: .50" (W) x .50" (L) Soil Release Technology: Sentry Plus Foot Traffic Recommendation TARR: Severe


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Signs of Quality


While you are looking at the label, also examine the backing of the carpet. Make sure the backing has a tight weave. This ensures quality and wear.


Stain-resistant treatments, like those from Karastan, Solutia and Stainmaster, are often applied to nylon carpets to make them easier to clean. Since wool is naturally soil resistant, it does not require further treatment.


Most carpets are either woven or tufted. Weaving is the superior method as it locks each yarn into the backing, creating a highly durable carpet. Tufted carpets are less expensive because they can be made faster.

Pile Density

Density refers to the amount of pile yarn used in the carpet and the closeness of the weave. In general, the denser the pile, the better the performance. Take the sample and bend the face-pile away from you. Can you see the backing? The denser the pile, the less backing will be visible.

Face Weight

Face weight is the amount of fiber used on the surface of the carpet expressed in ounces per square yard. This should not be confused with total weight, which is the face weight plus the weight of the backing. Do not buy a carpet because it has a high face weight. Other qualities, like density, fiber, and weave are more important. Keep in mind: a lighter weight woven carpet will outperform a higher weight tufted product.


Carpet fibers are twisted together for harder wear and a defined look. The tighter the fiber twist, the longer the carpet will perform.

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