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Pigmento Red Select Series by Dri Design

Pigmento Red Select Series by Dri Design

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  • HEX: 7B7479
  • RGB: R:123 G:116 B:121
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About this product

The Select Series boasts the same innovative design and durability as all of our other customization products, but costs much less. The Select Series is available in 15 standard sizes and several material and color options. While the options may be a bit more limited than our other panel products, the quality is exactly the same.

The cost effectiveness of the Select Series is a result of purchasing power, robotics and optimization. The automated production process utilizes the entire sheet: eliminating waste, reducing the cost of production and saving you money. Never before have such high quality wall panels been available at such a great value.

  • System Depth - 1 ¼" nominal
  • Material - Painted or VMZINC®
  • Panel joints - ½" nominal
  • Finish - Fluoropolymer Paint - 6 Standard colors with almost any color available. VMZINC® Quartz, Anthra, Azengar, and Pigmento
  • Weight - Less than 2 ½ pounds per square foot

Panel Sizes


Download the color chart

Dri Design

Logo for Dri Design

Nearly 20 years ago, Dri-Design began its existence, humbly, in the back of a small shop, being manufactured by hand.

  • True Dry Joints: No sealants or gaskets means no maintenance legacy for the building owner, and no dirty streaks.
  • Dri-Design is Not Laminated, Nor a Composite: Our panels will never de-laminate.
  • Sustainability:Fact is, composite and foam panels can't match Dri-Design for its environmental footprint.
  • Fully Tested: Air, water, structural, hurricane and the latest AAMA508-07.
  • Natural Metal Affordability: VM Zinc, Copper and other natural metals are surprisingly affordable.
  • Unlimited Color Palette: Any Kynar® color is available without expensive up charges.
  • Economical: Dri-Design is economical, thanks to our highly automated manufacturing process and Quick & Easy Installation.

At Dri-Design we strive to continually improve our sustainability practices and products through innovation. We are dedicated to developing sustainable products while looking at all aspects of the environmental impact. Dri-Design purchases its aluminum from domestic mills which saves transportation energy costs. Dri-Design uses no joint sealants or gaskets which are made with petroleum saving fossil fuels and future maintenance costs. Dri-Design wall panels are made with recycled metal, are 100% recyclable and can be repurposed. Dri-Design panels are made quickly with highly automated equipment saving energy costs. Dri-Design wall panels install fast which helps save energy as well. Dri-Design single skin technology does not have a plastic core like our MCM competitors saving fossil fuels. Our Kynar paint providers are environmentally-conscious finishers. They use a 100% air capture system and destroy the VOCs with a regenerative thermal oxidizer, so there is no adverse environmental impact.

Phone: (616) 355-2970
Address: Dri-Design P.O. Box 1286 Holland, Michigan 49422

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