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Anchracite Oeko Skin by Reider

Anchracite Oeko Skin by Reider

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About this product

Thin-walled, slat-sized concrete

The panels have a very convenient size (1800 x 147 mm) and can be easily mounted and processed on site - both by professionals and skilled do-it-yourselfers. Flexible formats available on request (width up to 105-302 mm and length up to 600 - 2400mm).

Low Maintenance

Unlike wooden claddings, Rieder Slat Wall needs neither be abraded nor painted at regular intervals. Individual elements can be replaced easily.

Flexible applications

Facades, claddings of porches, conservatories, terraces, garden sheds, garages, fences and many more.

High fire resistance

Absolute fire resistance, fire protection class A1, non-flammable, safe alternative to traditional wood panelling.

Colours and Surfaces

öko skin slat wall panels are dyed throughout with natural colour pigments and are available in 12 different colours. The natural, authentic colours of öko skin fit well in landscapes and blend with nature and the environment. The surface of öko skin is sandblasted with varied pressure and creates a vivid surface.

Fastening system

öko skin can be fitted with color-matched screws or rivets. From 2015, we also offer a hidden fastening system.

The technology and production processes of glassfibre concrete have been perfected for decades and tested practically for more than 30 years.

A special extrusion process incorporates layers of glassfibre into a concrete matrix; in the top layer and underlayer the fibres are undirected and scattered, in the medium layer they take the form of roofings (fibre bundles).

The omission of steel reinforcement allows the construction of “slim” concrete elements which are highly stressable despite being extremely thin-walled. The result is an extremely thin slab with 13 mm (1/2") thickness, which is very light-weight, yet has a high flexural strength. The slabs are fabricated in the different colours before being cured for 28 days.


Logo for Reider
The success story of fibreC began with research and development and a series of experiments with glass fibre reinforced concrete. Considerable time, effort and financial resources were invested before serial production finally began at the end of 2004 and fibreC was launched into the market. As a result of the widespread success oft the first reference projects in Austria, the encouraging feedback from architects as well as numerous international awards allowed Rieder to start sales activities for North America 2006. fibreC North America: As of 04/08 Rieder established a new sales structure in order to meet the increasing market demands.
Phone: (877) 740-0303

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