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Product Craftsman Cedar Shingle by Shakertown

Product Craftsman Cedar Shingle by Shakertown

Beautiful Designer Rating
  • HEX: C3BEA1
  • RGB: R:195 G:190 B:161
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About this product

Even butt, keyway
The siding panels are 8' long and available in an exposure size of 7", 4 1/2" and 14" (14" exposure product is face nailed).


Logo for Shakertown
For over 50 years, Shakertown has been beautifying and protecting homes across North America. That's a claim few other siding materials can make. With a track record that extends a half a century, our history speaks for itself. Made with 100% clear vertical grain heartwood cedar, nothing else compares to the rich appearance and outstanding performance of our cedar shingle panels.
Phone 360-785-3501
Toll Free 1-800-426-8970
Fax 360-785-3076
Phone: (360) 785-3501
Address: Shakertown 1992, Inc.
P.O. Box 400 1200

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