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Rustic Grey 2x4 Urban Concrete with Circles by Hour Wall

Rustic Grey 2x4 Urban Concrete with Circles by Hour Wall

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About this product

Urban Concrete panels create the contemporary look of cast concrete in a fast and lightweight method. It combines easy & affordability with the smooth clean lines and finished look of formed concrete. Each panel has been cast from a real concrete to create a realistic texture. No reinforcement of the wall is required. Panels are fastened to the wall using screws and or nails.

Each panel has a top and side shiplap edge, through which the panel is fastened. Installation of these faux concrete panels is fast and easy since the edges of each panel are staggered. Within minutes, you can get the look and feel of real concrete with ease and affordability.

Attachable concrete panels allow you to create a modern look of cast concrete walls within minutes. The look is typically that found in designer homes, contemporary hotels, restaurants, and offices. It offers a good stylish option to fake stone wall cladding.


  • 24" x 48"
  • 48" x 48"


  • Made of high-density polyurethane
  • Fraction of the cost compared to concrete walls
  • Can be installed in only a few hours
  • Easy to cut
  • Authentic concrete look
  • No wall reinforcement required, extremely light weight (only 1 lb/sq.ft.)

Matching Styles

  • Contemporary interior design
  • Hip hotel interior design
  • Modern interior design
  • Restaurant interior design
  • Retail interior design


  • Using finishing nails, install panels starting from the bottom right, and move left as you keep each panel level with the previous.
  • Cut the last panel to fill the remaining space.
  • Start the next level, making sure that the panel's circles match the row below it. Repeat steps until you fill the space.

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Hour Wall

Logo for Hour Wall

We take pride that all products are hand-crafted in Mexico, masterfully capturing the real look and feel. Using North American labor and materials helps us to achieve and deliver you the quality you deserve and expect.

Hourwall is made of high quality, high-density polyurethane, and the finest finishing compounds. Hourwall's easy installation makes it an affordable and essential solution for bringing your walls to life.

But if you've got a couple extra hours and fancy yourself a DIYer, Hourwall is quick, easy, and painless to install. Hourwall is the most realistic simulated concrete, reclaimed wood and vintage brick panel on the market (pronounced 'period'). But just as important as the look is the ease of installation. Hourwall is super easy to cut and install.

Installs easily onto drywall, wood, and almost any other substrate using nails, screws, or glue. Amazingly realistic, fast, simple, and with little mess = allowing you to transform a room in minutes. All of this has been created with everyone in mind, from designers and architects, to weekend warriors!

If you need any installation instructions, please see our handy guide.

With us since 2019-01-22

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