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Dark Brown Ridge Stone by Quality Stone

Dark Brown Ridge Stone by Quality Stone

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  • HEX: Dark B
  • RGB: R:218 G:0 B:11
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About this product

The versatile look of Ridge Stone allows it to fit elegantly into any traditional or contemporary design. With a 12" x 47 1/4" face, Ridge Stone provides a heavy and solid look for a variety of design opportunities.

Ridge Stone Panels

  • Lightweight: 1 lbs.ish per square foot
  • Fit: seamless
  • Dimension: Width: 46 1/2" x Height: 11 1/4" x Depth: 1 1/4"
  • Tongue and Groove on both top and side edges
  • Variation: 4 different panel patterns to ensure a great finished look. Each panel pattern is identified with a number 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  • We recommend our Corners and Trims to accent your Stacked Stone.

Quality Stone

Logo for Quality Stone

Quality Stone takes pride in being a leader in the paneled stone industry. Our primary focus is in creating the most realistic, highest quality, installer friendly stone panels on the market.

Quality Stone has all of the beauty of real stone, but is quick and easy to Install, eliminating the expense and hard labour of cement and mortar. Quality Stone is 100% inert, non-toxic, non-gaseous, odor free and Built Green. We are confident you will discover why Quality Stone is the leader in providing stone alternatives. Renovations, new home construction, or large commercial applications; Quality Stone is 100% product-focused and customer-focused, and has a product that will work.

Our design and production departments strive to be the most innovative and product-focused in the industry. Our experts are always working on new product development, creative solutions and designs. Being “eco-friendly” means constantly seeking new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. From using recycled materials in our panels and boxes, reducing waste, promoting recycling, and increasing the energy saving effectiveness of our panels, Quality Stone is committed to developing earth-friendly products and production.

Phone: (780) 488-6767
With us since 2019-02-05

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