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Raw-ish DIY Wood Panels by As-Is Brand

Raw-ish DIY Wood Panels by As-Is Brand

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About this product

Price is per square foot

DIY Wood Planks beautifully capture the aged, distressed, and weathered look of reclaimed barn wood or a pallet wall. These boards have been crafted with the DIY'er in mind, making this the easiest wood wall project you'll ever do. Inspired by a rustic reclaimed wood wall that has been altered by the elements, RAW-ISH showcases all of the natural beauty of raw reclaimed wood wall art. These wall planks are sure to bring the reclaimed wood wall paneling style to any room. Class A Fire-Rating.

  • Dimensions: Width 6" x Height 5" x Depth 1/4"
  • Square foot per panel: 1/2 to 2
  • Material: sustainably harvested pine
  • Product Name: AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls
  • Suppliers: USA & Canada

Using pallet wood as accent walls are very stylish but might be harder to pull off than you think. Save time and avoid splinters with the DIY wood plank system. Then you won't have to find industrial pallets, disassemble them, clean off whatever questionable material may be on them, sand them, and pull loose nails. DIY wood panels look better and are just plain easier.

Matching Styles

  • Craftsman house interior design
  • Custom home interior design
  • Restaurant interior design
  • Shaker interior design
  • Simple interior design
  • Vintage home interior design

AS-IS BRAND products do not add to the structural load bearing capacity of the substrate to which it is being applied. All products have been designed for wall and ceiling installation only, and should not be applied anywhere that they will be walked or sat on. For more technical data see here

As-Is Brand

Logo for As-Is Brand
Reclaimed wood panels are one of the fastest growing trends in design today. However, much like most stylish wall claddings, the inherent nature of reclaiming and finishing aged wood makes it too expensive and difficult to source for the average consumer. AS-IS Brand has created a line of reproduction barn wood, using sustainability farmed mill-direct wood and a proprietary wood treatment process. AS-IS BRAND has created a line of reproduction barn wood, using sustainability harvested mill-direct wood. We use a proprietary process to naturally age and distress our boards. Giving you the beauty of old & the benefits of new. We pride ourselves in the quality of our craftsmanship, and our environmentally friendly products and process. We are also proud to be 100% North American every step of the way.
With us since 2019-02-06

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