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Natural Reclaimed Hard Wood by Elmwood Reclaimed Lumber

Natural Reclaimed Hard Wood by Elmwood Reclaimed Lumber

Beautiful Designer Rating
  • HEX: 7B3F09
  • RGB: R:123 G:63 B:9
  • Reference Only
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About this product

saw cut
Widths: 3" to 12" wide Thickness: 1/2" or 5/8" Lengths: 2' to 12' Milled Profiles: Tongue & Groove, Shiplap or Square Edge Edge Options: Square, Micro Bevel or Pillow Edges Finish Options: Unfinished or Pre-finished

Elmwood Reclaimed Lumber

Logo for Elmwood Reclaimed Lumber
Our unique process combined with the highest quality people, facilities and milling equipment make a serious difference. When we say our time machine is stuck on quality, we not only mean it, we live it. Continuously evaluating ourselves, our products and our process we strive to give our customers only the best service and products available. anywhere!
We are proud of the work we do and it shows. Our clients choose to work with us for a number of reasons, first of which is trust. Our high standards ensure you will receive only the best products available. Each order is treated the same, Five boards for an unusual kitchen wall, or a truckload for a Chicago country club, carefully. All customers are treated alike. Whether you're buying a $100 mantle beam or $100,000 order, we treat you the same. It's a good, positive same.
As a socially and environmentally conscious company, each year a portion of our profits are distributed to local, national and international non-profit organizations, benefiting communities and the people who live there as well as the environment we share. We are committed to discovering and supporting organizations that possess strong beliefs in community and the environment, as well as a few others. We give all of our gifts in full during the first quarter of each fiscal calendar year.

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