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Bark Vintage Wood by Nichiha

Bark Vintage Wood by Nichiha

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About this product

Vintage wood fiber cement siding. Nichiha VintageWood exudes modern refinement and works well in both modern and vintage designs. It provides the look of wood with the unmatched durability of fiber cement. VintageWood pairs perfectly with glass, metal, and block panels, adding a touch of warmth to the coolness of these materials. Make a statement by adding VintageWood to your next project. weight (lbs per panel): 57.2 weight (lbs per sq ft): 3.8 coverage (sq ft per panel): 15 exposed coverage (sq ft per panel): 15 packaging (pieces per bundle): 2 (30 sq ft) $8.50 per square foot to install system Available in Bark, Cedar, Redwood and Ash


Logo for Nichiha
At Nichiha we love big ideas. We find inspiration in phrases like "what if?" and "why not?". That's because we're fueled by the power of possibilities. And maybe that's why we're focused on fiber cement. We've spent nearly 40 years pushing the limits of what can be done with fiber cement. There are so many compelling reasons to consider Nichiha. But we can't help but feel we're just getting started.

Here's why you should get to know Nichiha

Nichiha is a global manufacturing company with more than 13 plants scattered across 3 countries We offer the most complete collection of fiber cement products designed for interior, exterior commercial and residential applications We offer the widest selection of commercial rainscreen styles Our Architectural Wall Panels feature a sophisticated drained and back-ventilated moisture management system Our highly engineered installation system saves time and minimizes mistakes We give you the ability to apply custom colors to our Illumination Series Architectural Wall Panels We offer a full line of residential siding products with profiles ranging from stucco to cedar Our Sierra Premium Shake line is the industry's thickest and features a revolutionary coating developed by the experts at PPG We stand behind our products with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry

Our Formula

Nichiha has always had deep concern for the environment and the people who install our products on a daily basis. It motivated us to formulate our fiber cement products a little differently by reducing the amount of silica and increasing the amount fly ash in our formula. Silica is essentially just a technical term for sand. It's everywhere. It only becomes a problem when it becomes airborne. Although it's nearly impossible to eliminate, our products contain the lowest levels of silica in the industry. Fly ash is a natural byproduct of coal-burning power plants. It is abundant and basically inert. By using fly ash Nichiha improves the performance of our products and prevents a substantial amount of post-industrial waste from sitting in a landfill. As with virtually all building materials, when working with fiber cement there are things you should do to protect yourself and eliminate unnecessary health risks. For a full MRSDS visit our resources section.


Nichiha uses a proprietary stamping procedure to create the vast array of textures we offer. It enables us to create more pressure and have more control than the commonly used rollers used by other manufactures. More pressure means deeper grooves, more shadows and the more visual drama. Nobody gives you more stunning and varied looks than Nichiha. In fact, nobody else even comes close.

Our Finish

Every product we make comes off the line with three protective coatings; 2 coats of primer and an anti-efflorescence coating that prevents chalky residue from appearing. The result is a product that holds paint better and looks better longer. We're confident enough to back that up with the strongest warranty in the business. Find a sales rep
Phone: (720) 651-1398
Address: 6465 E JOHNS CROSSING, SUITE 250

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