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About this product

Harristone's Sandstone veneers are made from a mold based on authentic sandstone to capture the rugged beauty of southwest rock. Tumbling gives these rugged stones a slightly rounded edge for a warm, inviting, antique look and feel. With three different varieties of sandstone paneling we're able to offer a sandstone option to fit almost any home. If you have additional questions about Harristone products you can contact us directly or find a dealer in your area. Best of all Harristone veneers are cheap and lightweight compared to natural stone. Spend less money and save time on installation, shop Harristone.
Harristone is the precast stone of choice for architects, builders and specialists alike. With their quick and easy to install design, plus true hassle-free maintenance, Harristone's lightweight, all-masonry precast stones provide a genuine look and feel, simply and efficiently. It's the professional way to make all your projects look their very best.


Logo for Harristone

In the early 1960s, brick homes were popping up everywhere. But Grant Harris had always been inspired by the rugged beauty of the stone homes that stand majestically at the center of many Western frontier towns. Taking a page from the ingenuity of these early pioneers, Harristone was formed with a single goal: design affordable, attractive manufactured stones that bring together the best of the future and the past. Soon Harristone became an integral part of home designs that boasted a mix of brick, wood and stone, the building blocks of the American West. 50 years later, Harristone remains a pioneer in the stone industry, offering designs that add an earthy sophistication to homes, cabins and commercial areas alike.

The Harristone process begins with an eye toward Mother Nature. We start by seeking out the country's best formations, from the mountains of Montana, to Ohio's riverbeds, to the majestic canyons in our own Utah backyard. These are the models which serve as inspiration for the world's finest precast stones and accessories, the Harristone collection.


Natural stone is solid, rugged and impervious to the elements. It's also extremely expensive, not to mention heavy. Harristone veneers deliver the authentic look and feel of natural stone without the expensive price tag. That's why it is used as an accent on everything from new and existing homes to commercial buildings.


Our lightweight, all-masonry Harristone requires no footings, foundation or structural support when used on a solid surface. It simply offers the genuine look and feel of natural stone and installs quickly and easily. That explains why Harristone is the manufactured stone veneer of choice for professional masons and remodeling specialists across the country.


There's an art to creating authentic and easy-to-use stone. An art we've been perfecting for 50 years. We begin the process by scouring the country to find the most expressive and exceptional stones. From Southwestern deserts and glacially fed rivers to the rolling hills of America's heartland, our search for characteristic stone has taken us to some spectacular places. After hand-selecting stones in a variety of sizes and shapes, we return to our manufacturing facility where we create custom-molds of each stone. It's during this casting process that our expert masons chisel, smooth and refine each stone pattern. As a result, Harristone's manufactured stones install quickly and easily, whether you're a professional mason or handling the job yourself.

Address: G.S. Harris Co., Inc. USA
2810 Pennsylvania Ave.
Ogden, Utah 84401
With us since 2017-12-19

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