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Thin Brick are available in almost every size manufactured by Interstate. Currently, thin brick are made by saw cutting full thickness brick. The advantage on a job that uses full thickness brick is that all of the brick can be made from a single batch. Some of Interstate's brick are made in a way that two faces are cut from a single brick. Others are not. The obvious advantage is cost. Corner brick are cut from a single brick and only one corner is obtained from a brick. Contact one of our customer service managers to find out more about our thin brick line.

Interstate Brick

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Interstate Brick is widely recognized as one of the premier commercial brick manufacturers in the U.S. Established in 1891, Interstate Brick joined the Pacific Coast Building Products family in 1990. The company's products, used in residential and commercial construction, offer several distinguishing features that motivate architects and builders across the country to specify them. The array of colors, exceptional quality, and lightweight of the clays found in the company's extensive deposits produce distinct brick products. Unique shades, such as canyon rose; arctic white, desert sand, and a selection of variegated stone hues provide a vivid palette from which architects can create dramatic effects. Interstate Brick also works with architects to create unique shapes and custom bricks that extend the creative design possibilities. Interstate Brick produces a full line of standard brick products and sizes, including face brick, pavers, and coping. The company's distinctive products include Atlas Structural bricks manufactured up to 16 inches long to permit taller, thinner walls that can withstand earthquakes, extreme wind conditions, and fire. The company also provides 16-inch Emperor Face Brick that can be scored to look like smaller bricks, allowing masons to increase their output. The company's structural engineers are available to assist customers in determining how best to apply the natural beauty of brick to buildings of all sizes.
Phone: (800) 233-8654
Address: 9780 South 5200
West West Jordan, UT 84081

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