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Milk Sunlight

Sometimes you want a room to have heritage. Imagine that room feeling like it has history and legacy. You can create this look with traditional materials such as wood and brick. If you don’t have brick walls, those can be curated in an afternoon with an easy faux brick application. Then paint everything a light, white color to brighten the room and to give a sense that everything was repainted repeatedly. Since, after all, what do people do to ‘clean’ a beat up dingy historic space? They whitewash everything! I’ve even seen rooms with whitewashed velvet wallpaper, which I DO NOT recommend. Disgusting!

With this faux brick application, you can convince your guests that your condo was once a repurposed historic industrial space. Tell them that in the 1800’s, child laborers made organic extra virgin olive oil, 7 days a week, in your living room.
Vintage white
Faux Classic Brick
Hour Wall
Northern White Oak - Mystic Taupe
Über Umber
Brown Paint
Sherwin Williams
Honey pot
Constant beauty loop
Shaw Floors
Loft Upholstered Fabric Sofa
Loft Upholstered Fabric Loveseat
Loft Upholstered Fabric Armchair
White Flour
Tan Paint
Sherwin Williams
Cipriana Floor Lamp
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Sample Board

A Sample Board (or material board, or mood board) is a tool that designers use to help them get an idea of how a set of materials and colors work together. Modern Sample's Sample Board creator will help you gather and share your vision for a beautiful design. The Modern Sample design software allows users to create inspirational design for both architectural and interior design projects.


Find a large selection of paint and stain colors and from multiple paint manufacturers including Sherwin Williams, Behr and Benjamin Moore.

Mood Board

A Mood Board is what happens BEFORE the Sample Board. A Mood Board is compiled as a quick idea dump to decide the overall idea, theme or mood of a project. Unlike a Sample Board which is more specific. The Modern Sample design software can also be used as a mood board creator. A mood board is an arrangement of materials, images and text intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept most often used in the schematic design phase of a design process.


  Save the changes you've made.
  Delete the sample board. Not reversable.
  Add a Concept Image.
  Go to the library to find more beautiful materials and products.
  Turn on / off the text editor. The text shown on each Material Swatch and Concept Image can be modified.
  Print the Sample Board
  Export the Sample Board as an image
  Expand the Material Swatches to show full information about each product.
  Turn on / off public visibility. When Sample Board is public it will be visible in the Inspiration page.
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